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A comprehensive book to getting started with R Programming.



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What you will learn?

  • Install R and its required tools; more specifically, the IDE: R Studio.

  • Write your very first program in R and dissect every portion that makes up an R program.

  • Perform various logical and mathematical operations.

  • Store and represent data in several data structures present in R, like vectors, lists, matrix, data frames & factors.

  • Change the behavior and flow of R program using control structures like if else, loops, break and next.

  • Learn about the most fundamental tool in R, function and integrate it to perform different tasks in our programs.

  • Dive into the Object Oriented (OO) world of programming, and use OO features in an R program.

  • Visualize, modify and describe your data better in the form of Charts and Graphs.

If you are here, it surely means you've already heard about R. So, let's just get to the point and describe what our book has to offer.

The goal of “R Programming For Beginners” is to help you get comfortable with R programming and jump start your career in the field of data.

Rather than teaching R to someone familiar with programming before, this book will start from the very basics.

When you're done with the book, you’ll have gained a strong footing on the concepts and building blocks of R.

Enough said, if you want to learn R, this is a must have book in your arsenal.

What's inside the book?

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