Getting Started in Data Science With R

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What's included
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descriptionR Essentials eBook

About this course

The course "Getting Started in Data Science With R" introduces you to the very basics of data science.

We will focus on the data science process; series of steps you need to take to complete a data science task.

  • Get the data
  • Explore the data
  • Model the data
  • Communicate the results

Though this course won't make you a data science expert (no single course or book can), you will have a solid understanding of data science.

There are hundreds of online courses that try to teach data science without explaining what data science is; this course isn't one of them.

What you will learn

Getting Started7 lectures

play_circle_filledWhat is Data?Preview
play_circle_filledWhy R for Data Science?
play_circle_filledData Science Terminologies
play_circle_filledIntroduction to RStudio

Get Data8 lectures

helpQuiz: Vectors
codeExercise: Vectors
helpQuiz: Lists
codeExercise: Lists
helpQuiz: Matrices
codeExercise: Matrices
play_circle_filledData Frames
helpQuiz: Data Frames
codeExercise: Data Frames
codeExercise: Factors
play_circle_filledImporting CSV Data
assignmentImporting HTML, TXT Files

Explore Data: Part I6 lectures

play_circle_filledExplore Data Introduction
play_circle_filled Remove Missing and Invalid Values (NA and NaN)
codeExercise: Missing Data
play_circle_filledMerging Data
codeExercise: Merging Data
play_circle_filledSubset Data
codeExercise: Subset Data
play_circle_filledSort Data
codeExercise: Sort Data
assignmentFixing Date and Time Issues

Explore Data: Part II10 lectures

play_circle_filledIntroduction to dplyr
play_circle_filledInstall dplyr
play_circle_filledSelect Data Using dplyr
codeExercise: Select Data
play_circle_filledFilter Data Using dplyr
codeExercise: Filter Data
play_circle_filledArrange & Rename Data
codeExercise: Arrange Data
play_circle_filledMerge Data Using dplyr
codeExercise: Merge Data
play_circle_filledMutate Data Using dplyr
codeExercise: Merge Date Using dplyr
play_circle_filledMutate Data Using dplyr
codeExercise: Mutate Data
play_circle_filledGroup Data Using dplyr
codeExercise: Group Data
play_circle_filleddplyr Pipeline Operator
codeExercise: dplyr Pipeline Operator

Visualize Data6 lectures

play_circle_filledIntroduction to Visualizing Data
play_circle_filledLine Graphs
play_circle_filledScatter Plot
play_circle_filledBox Plot
play_circle_filledUsing GGPlot to Visualize Data

Model Data8 lectures

play_circle_filledIntroduction to Modeling Data
codeExercise: Correlation
play_circle_filledCorrelation Vs Causation
codeExercise: Correlation Vs Causation
play_circle_filledLinear Regression
play_circle_filledMultiple Regression
codeExercise: Multiple Regression
play_circle_filledSupervised Vs Unsupervised Learning
play_circle_filledCommunicate Data

Projects2 lectures

play_circle_filledBuild it All: Part I
play_circle_filledBuild it All: Part II

Conclusion2 lectures

play_circle_filledWhat's Next
play_circle_filledThank You

What's included in the course

Who is this course for?

This course is for beginners who want to learn data science, either for academic or professional purpose.

However, we assume you have a basic set of requirements before you start the course. Here's what you need and what you don't.

Besides that, we just want you to have the willingness to learn and access to the internet.

  • checkInterest in Data Science
  • checkKnowledge of Programming with R (Yes. However, free R Essentials eBook is included)
  • clearAdditional Software on Your Computer (No. All you need is a browser)
  • clearSpecific Time Period to Learn (No. You have unlimited access to the course.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the course cost and what does the fee cover?

The course costs $24.99 one-time fee. The fee covers unlimited access to all 45+ videos, R Essential eBook and interactive assignments.

Unlimited access to the course! What does it mean?

You are only charged a one-time fee for the course, and you can access all the materials of the course anytime you want. There are no additional or recurring charges.

I don't know R Programming. Can I still take the course?

Yes you can. Though the course requires basic knowledge of R programming, you can still take this course if you are familiar with any other programming languages. We have also included R Essentials ebook that covers all key R topics.

What does "R For Beginners" ebook contain?

The R for Beginners ebook that covers all key R topics including some advanced topics. The book is divided into:

  • Installation and Getting Started
  • Data Structures
  • Control Structures
  • Functions
  • Object-oriented Programming
  • Graphs & Charts
  • Advanced Ploting Operations

How long does it take to complete the course?

It depends on your commitment and comfort. That's the reason we have given you unlimited access to the course. You can learn at your own pace. ;)

Get started in Data Science With R.
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